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We make buying a new home on contingency, simple, fast and worry-free for both the Buyer and Builder.


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Professional and experienced Realtor’s® who’ve partnered with New Home Avenue, are provided customized tools and systems which enable a very consistent, high-caliber listing approach featuring strategically thought-out marketing.

With access provided to both Buyer and Builder, a 365/24/7 secure real-time project portal, providing full accountability, transparency and task management, for timely communications with agents, escrow, lender, builders (DUP) and buyers.

Weekly detailed summary provided to builder via your preferred method of communication (e-mail, phone, text message, real-time portal, in-person) taking the time-consuming follow-up responsibilities off the sales agents plate.

Initial communication within 24 hours (or less), with in-depth and thorough in-home evaluation meeting within 48 hours (or less). Providing our builder client a determination as to the buyers viability to move forward with new home purchase within 72 hours (or less).

Builder will receive a professional price range recommendation and estimated seller’s net-sheet with a detailed cost analysis.

(QCL – Assigned to Builder) – This integral team member facilitates agent best practices, standardized procedures and maintains buyer engagement to ensure time-sensitive tasks stay on track.

In-house team members aimed at facilitating your foreign national buyers (Chinese Mandarin / Cantonese and Spanish) requiring verbal & documental translations.

Overall satisfaction survey provided at the end of the transaction.

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